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Fluent in Dried Fruit and Nuts

Fluent in Dried Fruit and Nuts

Boghosian Raisin Packing Co. Inc.

Dried Fruit Supplier Boghosian
The Boghosian families have been farmers since 1938, and processing and marketing raisins since 1965. During the past 70 years they have evolved into a financially strong, fully vertically integrated operation. Their primary customer base consists of industrial, foodservice, retail, and organic companies who demand the highest quality product.

Boghosian Raisin Packing Co. operates one of the most modern and comprehensively equipped raisin plants in North America. Their staff, processing facilities, farming operations, marketing and distribution strives to be the model for both the domestic and international dried fruit industry.

The company is serious about ensuring the highest standard of food quality and safety. All employees are educated in, and follow, strict Federal Good Manufacturing Practices. Their quality team consists of product inspection, sanitation, housekeeping and pest control. Pre-shift sanitation inspections are conducted by USDA inspectors as well as Boghosian's own staff on all processing equipment prior to each day's production.

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