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Seeds Market Report 31.7.2015


Old crop is all but sold out .New crop is at the moment  growing in North Western and North Eastern China and  our main shippers are visiting the main growing areas in Xinjiang Province and Inner Mongolia.

Due to the historically high prices for pumpkin this year quite a few farmers have switched  from Sunflower and Corn  to Pumpkin , so overall acreage is up from last year but we must wait until end August /September to see how the yields and quality will be..

As previously mentioned the  crops were late  this year  in being planted due to the wet Spring  so a slightly later than normal crop is expected, first shipments of Shine Skin will be available early October and for GWS  mid /second half October, so  new crop material will arrive mid/end November in  the UK.

Demand  continues to increase for  seeds worldwide and  especially domestically in China for roasting  at the New Year holiday so we do not see  prices dropping  drastically when the  crop  becomes available this Autumn.

We will have a more definite  idea of the crop size etc  end August /early September.


Bakery Grade

Bulgaria is  getting ready to  start the  harvest in about  2/3 weeks which is a little earlier than normal due to the very warm Summer they are having.

Rumours of a drought and a very small crop appear to be unfounded as our two main shippers both  believe the crop will be a good average size, maybe about 7 pct down from last year’s  very large  crop that saw prices tumble last Autumn.seed1

Demand is strong for oil crushing and  for  kernel production so we  don’t see prices dropping  a lot once the crop comes off the fields  and initially there will be a big demand for seeds as there is no old crop left at all.

Generally feel that prices are at good levels and the chance of any significant drop is minimal from current levels, maybe maximum 30/50  Euros pmt but no more.

Confectionery grade

China continues to be very competitive against USA origin and signs are that the new crop will be  a good size crop as well so don’t see any major changes in the  market for the foreseeable future.

Would suggest taking cover forward into 2016 at current levels


Prices in India for hulled sesame have come off a bit in the last few weeks due to various reasons

1) Good Monsoon

2)There is a lack of demand for August/September  shipment  due to the economic crisis in Greece- Greece had  been a very large buyer from India previously.

3)USD has become stronger against Indian Rupee.almond3

4)The Ocean freights to Europe have come down and are at historically low levels.

With  the above and the improved Stg/USD exchange rate prices look attractive at the moment. Suggest cover up to November 2015.

Main new crop is being planted now and will be  harvested mid /end October for early November 2015 shipment.


Prices look very attractive at the moment for both brown and yellow. New crops are progressing well in Russia, Kazakhstan and Moldavia and the harvest will commence  in about 4/6 weeks time.

Would  suggest taking forward  cover at current levels as any significant downward  movement  looks unlikely.    seed2

Hulled Millet seeds

New crop is again progressing well in the USA, prices have moved up a little over the last couple of months due to  increased demand but still remain competitive and we expect no real change in levels in the coming  months.

Expect new crop to arrive in October in the UK.

Poppy seeds

Market is  relatively stable and the new harvest is just starting in the coming  weeks. We expect a similar overall crop size to  last year despite  higher  plantings this year. Thpoppyere has been some unfavourable weather in the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe in the  past months, basically it has been too dry and some of the increased acreages even had to be re sown. So we expect prices to remain approximately where they are  as long as the crop comes of the fields OK in the  coming few week.


Hoping the above  overview is of some  use and if any firm offers etc are required, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Blue Poppy Seed Update…

The market is floating quietly and we are right at the start of the new harvest. Until a couple of weeks ago we were expecting a somewhat higher harvest than last year butchelmer-foods-logo the latest reports now point at a similar output. Weather/growing conditions have not been very favourable and where for example the Czech Rep increased their plantings by about 15%, the harvest is expected to show a similar figure as last year.

Various European areas have not had enough rain and the Czech Rep. even had to re-sow some areas. The situation is absolutely not alarming but looking at all information and figures at hand, we expect a similar total world crop as last year but still 10% below the long year average.

We therefore adjusted our earlier views from somewhat bearish towards firm to possibly somewhat dearer. Much depends on the weather conditions of the next couple of weeks which we obviously monitor closely. Right now we have a rather neutral approach to prices and therefore offer/sell  current and new crop at the same price.

It would surprise us if the market would be lower in a few months time since any change we might see we expect to be upwards(?).

We look forward to any enquiry you may have.

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Bulgarian Sunflower Market report received…

Today our shipper returned back from a field tour through the south Bulgarian growing areas. He has seen a lot of poor fields with low yield expectation duevineyards32 to very dry and hot weather. The Bulgarian officials have reduced their new crop estimation down to 1,3 Million tons comparing with 2 Million tons in 2014. The harvest will start soon during week 33 ( 10.08.-16.08.2015 ) in the south of Bulgaria. The harvest will be at least 2 – 3 weeks later in the North of Bulgaria and in the south of Romania. The raw material quality is been expected very good because of the hot and dry weather. Sunflower will be shelled easier when the product is dry. Framers return per hectare / acre will be less than 2014 because of the reduced yields. Therefore framers asking already a higher price for new crop raw material.

We expecting further increases and do not share the still floating opinion in the market that prices will come down in September 2015. Worldwide demand for sunflowers is too strong and the shortage for the old crop will push the new crop as well. Beside of the sunflower situation we also have lower rape seed and linseed crops. Therefore vegetable oil markets are also firmer.

In Nut shell the low crop expectation for sunflowers in the Black Sea – Area, the current shortage for old crop in combination with firmer vegetable oil markets will end up in a firmer market prospect.

Sent to us by Sascha Hönig: Speciality Borkers Logo

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The 2015 Indian Walnut crop report update


Received from

V K C Nuts (P) Ltdwalnuts3

The 2015 Walnut crop is progressing very well. Initially at the blossom time, there was some concern due to excessive rains but luckily they were not accompanied by snow. The temperature remained steady and there was no report of frost bite from any growing area. As the crop progressed the weather Gods remained very benevolent with the steady periodic rains during the months of May, June and July. This season the maximum temperature didn’t cross 33degrees which has helped the Walnuts to grow in size also. Since there was no dry spell during the growing period, at the moment size of Walnuts seem to be very good. We are expecting very little of babies this year.

The month of August is very critical for Walnuts. One or two rains are required before harvest. Going by the trend of rains this year over the growing areas, we expect normal rains during this period also. This will result in healthier kernels with more meat. Since there has been no dry spell over the past months and temperatures have remained moderate we expect more of light kernels this year, supply of ambers is likely to be restricted this season. Overall we expect good crop both quality and quantity wise.

The domestic market is expanding with a handsome growth of 10% the domestic consumption has risen to 35 to 40% of the crop. The festive season this year is late by 15 days. Diwali being on 11th November as against on 26th October last year, therefore we do not see pressure of domestic buyers during this period as there is enough time with the suppliers to push their goods. Besides there are some unsold stocks of inshell walnuts from old crop. This carryover of about 10-15% will also result in easing of domestic prices. There has been a growing trend of importing of Californian walnuts which cater to domestic market for inshell walnuts.

Overall we feel it will be a good season with domestic prices in check. Hopefully, there will be possibility of reviving our exports.

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The 2015 California Walnut Crop, Subjective Packer Estimate

The 2015 California Walnut Crop, Subjective Packer Estimate is 607,000 tons, up 7.8% versus the 2014 actual crop of 563,000 tons.nuts1

The expected carry-in is 86,000 tons.

The USDA Objective Estimate will be released at noon on Thursday September 3rd

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Shock crop estimation increase for Turkish Hazelnuts…

Yesterday afternoon the Turkish Exporters union announced their final estimate for the 2015 Turkish crop at 733,243 mt in shell this is up from the 683,000 mt they had made in the spring. This is very good news and will be welcomed by manufacturers who have had to endure the most difficult last twelve months. A crop of this size will produce a sizeable surplus enabling prices to come back to more sustainable levels.047

 Currently there is only very limited interest in new crop with most manufacturers preferring to wait. New crop prices currently discount current crop by about 20%. Raw 11/13 mm Whole graded market quality would be in the region of US$ 10,000 pmt C&F Europe. We would hope that as we approach harvest prices may track lower. What is unknown is the reaction of farmers to such a good crop. Many do not need to sell quickly as have other sources of income whilst also having gotten used to a higher market, how long they can resist is unknown but with very little carry over stock in Europe the early shipments should be in demand.

 We will keep you updated with any new developments.

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Our Credit Controller John Woodard announces his retirement…

Our credit controller John has decided to take early retirement and will leave the business at the end of July.

John originally joined the business doing some interim work but made such an impression that he latterly joined the business in a permanent role.5607102980_b528a67cf3_o

Since then he has been an integral part of the business and has made a massive contribution to shaping the accounts department and making it run efficiently.

We would like to wish John a very long and happy retirement and thank him very much for all his hard work,  he will be missed by us all.


We will shortly be making an announcement on Johns replacement but in the mean time the accounts department will continue to run as normal and can be contacted via

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