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November 2019 Walnut Position Report

The November 2019 Walnut position report is out and the Californian walnut industry is up 1.3% in Nov.2019 over PY and up 1.55% YTD vs. PY. Receipts were 632,060 inshell ton through November 2019. Based on historical information this is estimated to be about 98% of the total which extrapolates a total crop of approximately 645,000 inshell ton. If this comes to fruition, this year’s crop will be about 4% down from the 2018-2019 crop of 672,723 ton. This is a welcome relief from many packer’s beliefs (after receiving in much of the early varieties) that the crop would not make 600,000 ton.

It seems packers remain busy; however, most are unenthusiastic to book spot business for prompt shipment if it obstructs their already fully packed schedules. There has been talk that most packers are at least 60% sold YTD with some over 70% sold. Generally, packers aim to be around 60% sold by January 1st heading into the slower season.

It is likely that the crop will be finalized around 640,000 to 645,000 inshell ton or about approximately 4.0-4.5% down from the 2018-2019 crop. Buyers will continue to question the disparity between this decline in crop size and the approximately 40% price increase on inshell and 20% in kernel prices over last year’s average prices.

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Apricot Market Update

  • Exports in November were a steady 9,931 tons, compared to 10,396 tons last year
  • Year to date exports are 39,406 tons compared to 39,971 tons last year.
  • Average price for diced apricots year to date is $2162 FOB compared to last year same period of $2175
  • Average price for whole apricots year to date is $2747 FOB compared to $2795 same period last year

This year’s crop has seen Size 4 sulphured apricot prices pretty much unchanged in Malatya in Lira terms. The Lira has also remained unmoved over the month. Smaller sized apricots prices have moved higher, and larger sizes have edged lower. This reflects the result of the crop being mainly size 4 and larger.

Over the past 10 days there has been noteworthy export business concluded with most importers. This could be due to the frost period starting from the end of February onwards, and importers are looking to lock their customers in through new crop and large retailers.

The sulphured apricot market remains strong, with overall supply down on last years, similar prices, recent Lira stability and exports running in line with last year, it seems there is little downside price risk on apricots, and significant upside.

Organic and natural apricots continue to trade at a significant premium to sulphured, and are all but sold out. This is due to the considerable quality that this year’s crop presented. There was no need to keep a large amount of apricots natural due to few blemishes needing to be concealed.

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Typhoon Kammuri

Typhoon ‘Kammuri’ swept through the Philippines on Tuesday, leaving a half-million people in evacuation centres. It has caused a high volume of damage to schools, airports and daily life has been disrupted. Historically, coconut trees are capable in surviving relatively undisturbed in typhoons, it is too early right now however to establish if Kammuri has caused any damage to the coconut trees in some areas.

The coconut oil market has shown a considerable firmness in the last few weeks, this has also had its effects of desiccated coconut prices. Most Philippine producers of desiccate coconut have withdrawn from the market until evaluation of the damage is complete. It is suspected that they will not return to the market until Monday 9th December.

The firmer coconut oil market and the unfortunate events in the Philippines has led to other origins showing a firmer undertone. Therefore, for those interested in Indonesian DC it may not be a bad moment to cover some of your demands.

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