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Banana Chip Update- Philippines

COVID-19 has now caused the National Government of the Philippines to declare a heightened community quarantine across the entire Luzon Island (North Philippines) and nationwide declaration of a state of calamity. This has been decided due to several cases being announced in that Region.

On following this due to the limited movements from sources of green banana, fuel and other suppliers, most banana operations will be erratic. Green banana suppliers do not want to make commitments.

Most suppliers are continuing to operate, however this is dependent on if there’s a supply and if workers wants to go to continue going into work. Curfews will have an effect on deliveries due to checkpoints being closed.

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Situation in the Philippines – received from our partners

This is to update you on the current situation here in the Philippines with regards to our fight against COVID -19. Right at this moment, there is already 193 cases here.  Number of death climbed to 14. On the evening of Monday, March 16, our President Duterte declared the whole Luzon Island under enhanced community quarantine.  Staying at home will be strictly implemented. Offices are closed except those working in the medical field, food related work, bank (but limited), police and military, groceries and supermarkets (limited). All public transportations are suspended. You are only allowed to go outside if you are going to buy food, seeking for medical treatment and if going to work. If you don’t have your own vehicle, local government will provide. Curfew from 8pm-5am is also being imposed.

Right now, we are working from our homes.

Then last night, whole Region XI (Davao Region) has also declared lockdown effective today.  And starting midnight of March 19, all vehicles travelling outside this region will be allowed but entering into will be prohibited.

Our worry is, since our raw materials are coming from outside, that is Region XII, there is high possibility that our trucks and (suppliers’) will get hold somewhere and will not be allowed to enter our Region until the lockdown period ends.

We will continue monitoring the situation. We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.

The situation here is getting harder everyday. Movement is very limited. I know most of you can relate.

I can’t imagine that we will reach the point that if the situation gets worse, we are afraid that our operation will stop and we will force to shut down the plant. We need to follow the directives of our Government. After all, this is for the welfare of our people.

Right at this moment, the possibility is very high. Until when?  we don’t know.

As I’ve said, we will continue monitoring the situation

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COVID-19 Customer Update

Covid-19 Update

We would like to update all of our customers & suppliers with the actions that we have taken as a business to ensure that we keep things moving in this extremely challenging time.

As of this morning we have switched all of our staff into 3 teams working in the office 1 day per team on a rota basis. Those members of staff not in the office will be continuing to work remotely via laptops but this will present some challenges as offices throughout the country follow suit. This will mean that we have limited numbers in the office to answer phones so we ask you to channel as much communication as possible via email. List of emails to be used as per below:

Orders & Delivery




All members of our sales team and some members of our technical team are contactable directly via their mobiles and emails.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in working through the ever changing challenges that are put in front of us during this outbreak.


Simon Heather


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Turkish Vine Fruit Update March 2020

Export/Registration Numbers & Raw Material Information We have continued to see downward pressure on Turkish prices. Key indicators below go some way to show why: Exports are down 9.1% year on year for September 2019 to end February 2020. Export for February alone was down 17% Y-o-Y (2019 – 19,500 tonnes & 2020 – 16,540 […]

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