Chinese Pumpkin & Sunflower

Chinese Pumpkin & Sunflower

posted by: Chris Wilding date: Jan 05, 2018 category: Latest News comments: Comments Off on Chinese Pumpkin & Sunflower

We would like to share the market report as follow:

Chinese pumpkin shineskin, remains predominately at a similar and stable level.

Chinese new year will coming soon, and roasters still mostly demand GWS, the price of shineskin may come down slightly, but because shine skin price is competitive, and GWS price follows, generally it’s still higher than Shineskin.

At the same level grade sunflower kernels, price has increase slightly, because of reduce the planting area, and export lack remains, some price has adjusted upwards, because the rate of RMB and USD, RMB has devalued somewhat at the moment, from 6.65 it has come down to 6.46.

Market offers can be seen in the region of:

CFR EMP $ per mt

GWS A       2385-2425

GWS AA     2685-2725

shine skin A  (30-35% green kernels) 2180-2225

shine skin AA  2780-2825


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