The UK’s main source of Banana Chips is the Philippines with other origins such as Thailand and Vietnam exporting to various parts of the world.

The variety of banana used for Banana Chips is called Saba (cooking) and grows in abundance in the tropical climates of Asia.

The island of Mindanao, based in the south of the country, is the Philippines largest producing island of Banana Chips and exports leave via the port of Davao.

The banana is harvested by hand, peeled, sliced and then dipped into a sugar &/or flavouring solution before being fried in coconut oil. It is possible to specify the final product to be sweetened or unsweetened and flavoured or unflavoured to suit the customer’s needs.

Banana chips are widely sold as either Wholes or Quarters. The description of Wholes is used to describe complete circular slices where as Quarters is used to describe as irregularly broken pieces.

Used as either a snack or ingredient banana chips are a popular product amongst the UK’s cereal manufacturers and can also be found in many tropical trail or fruit & nut blends.




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