cranberry1Our Cranberries come from one of three origins Canada, Chile or USA. The largest producing origin in the world is North America.

Cranberries are traditionally harvested in 2 ways, dry harvesting or wet harvesting. For Dry Harvesting grower’s use a mechanical picker very similar to a lawnmower. The machine’s metal teeth comb the berries off the vine and deposit them in a sack. Wet Harvesting is where the grower floods the dry bog and “egg beaters” cranberry2loosen the cranberries from the vine, cranberries will then naturally float to the top. They are then collected by a pump and sent to the factory for processing.

USA Cranberries are grown across a variety of northern states across America. The largest producing state is Massachusetts which produces over 35% of the world’s cranberries. Other states include British Columbia and Oregon on the west coast and New Jersey and Wisconsin.

Canadian Cranberries are almost predominately produced in Quebec where the climate and soil acidity are ideal for the cultivation of cranberries.

Chilean Cranberries are grown in the Patagonia region and the largest processing plant was purchased by Ocean Spray at the beginning of 2013. Whilst retaining their business as growers they have become part of the cooperative of growers that supply to Ocean Spray.

Blueberries, Blackcurrants, Strawberries and Sour Cherries are also available

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