Our main source of Currants is Greece, who are by far the largest producer of Currants in the World. They are produced mainly along the Northern and Western coasts, of The Peloponnese.

The UK is the largest export market, for Greek Currants.

Vostizza Currants are grown and produced only on the hills & mountains, surrounding Aeghion.   Only Currants grown and processed in the Aeghion region can be called Vostizza and are certified by the European Union  Protected Designation of Origin (PDO No. 1549/98). The microclimate of the region and rich soil contribute to the distinctive texture and flavour, of Vostizza.

Gulf Currants are grown in the area around the Corinth Canal and this is also a “Closed” region.

Currants produced in other areas of the Peloponnese, including Kalamata, Pirgos and Amalias are classed as “Provincial” grade.

Whilst Greece remains the dominant source of Currants, we can also offer Currants from South Africa and USA (California).

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