Glace fruits

Our main source of Glace Fruit is Italy and other origins available include Holland and Greece.

Cherries & Mixed Peel go through the same process to become Glace Fruit. The fruit is placed in a heated sugar syrup solution, which absorbs the moisture and will eventually preserve the fruit, for days and sometimes weeks.

In this continual process colouring is added to process depending on the specific customer requirement. Once drained of the syrup solution the fruit is soaked in a glucose solution and air dried, giving us Glace Fruit.

With Glace Cherries there are several different colourings that are imported into the UK. The standard colourings are E127 (bright red) and E163 (dark red/purple).

Mixed Peel is generally a combination of orange and lemon peelings. With some variations including citrus peelings and cherries.

The UK market mainly uses Mixed Peel as an ingredient in mincemeat production and Glace Cherries in the bakery sector as an ingredient for cakes.




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