sultanasPredominantly our main country of origin for Sultanas is Turkey. Other origins such as South Africa, China & Uzbekistan are available although not as widely used in the UK market.

Turkish Sultanas are grown in the area surrounding the Western City of Izmir and are derived from the same fresh grape as a Raisin. The only difference between the two is Sultanas are dipped in a potassium carbonate solution to help weaken the skin of the fresh grape which will aid the drying process and help the Sultanas to gain the lighter finish customers come to expect. Like Raisins Sultanas are openly traded on “The Bourse” and if anything Sultanas are the more traded item out of the two.

South African Sultanas are generally consumed by the domestic market although depending on size of crop some exports are made. Grown around the Orange River in the Uppington area Sultanas are exported as Orange River Sultanas and are dried in the shade as opposed to direct sun light like most Sultanas.

Chinese Sultanas are grown over the vast provinces of Shandong and Xinjaing. With China investing heavily to increase it’s tonnage of finished material to meet domestic and export demand we can expect to see competitive pricing for an ever increasing quality product. Exports of Chinese Green Sultanas are particularly popular in the ethnic sector.

Uzbekistan is a developing country for Sultana export but political issues have almost stopped any exports from taking place. The quality of fruit on offer is generally good from packer to packer and prices are normally discounted compared to the Turkish equivalent.

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