Almonds Market - April Position Report

The April Position Report from the California Almond Board shows shipments of 249.91 million pounds, up 37.9% from last April. This is the eighth record shipment month in the 2020/21 crop year, out of nine so far. Year-to-date, industry shipments have increased by 19.64 percent. The massive shipment number was made up of another record […]

Published: 13th May 2021

Cashew Market News

The latest news regarding the Cashew Market. Purchasing demand in Europe is much slower at current levels, and we're predicting market returns. However, this contradicts the information we continue to receive. For May/June/July shipments, there is a lot of demand for WW240 and WW320. Ocean freights have become a major issue after shipping lines revealed […]

Published: 10th May 2021

Turkish Dried Fruits Export Report

Dried Apricots Because of the shortage of raw materials, there has been no significant shift in the raw material industry. Some exporters continue to place additional orders in the market. However, the growers still hesitate to sell their raw material stocks on hand. Because of their high growing costs, growers are adamant about not selling […]

Published: 6th May 2021

Pecan Nuts Market Update

We have seen several factors that could trigger a more upward trend in the Pecan market, which has been steady in the first months of this year. As compared to the same time last year, shipments increased by 14% from September 2020 to the end of February 2021. We expect this percentage to rise as […]

Published: 29th April 2021

Brazil nut market update

The harvest for 2021 Since the high swings in 2017, the Brazil nuts market has seen a lot of changes, causing prices to rise by percentages we didn't think would happen again anytime soon. A number of factors caused the market to be wary of offering content in an unpredictable market. The main reason for […]

Published: 26th April 2021

Turkish Dried Fruits Report - Apricots, Figs & Sultanas

Apricots I'd like to share the following information with you about recent developments in the Turkish apricot industry: As I previously mentioned, there has been an increase in market demand for the raw material in recent weeks. We continue to see an increase in apricot demand, but growers are still hesitant to sell their raw […]

Published: 20th April 2021

Almond Board of California - March Position Report

The Almond Board of California released its March Position Report, which showed shipments of 266.65 million pounds, up 28.1 percent from the previous month. Out of the eight months of the 2020/21 crop year, this is the seventh record month and the season's second-largest shipping month. Logistical problems (which are still present but improving) hampered […]

Published: 12th April 2021

Coconut Market Update

Indonesia In the last few weeks, they have seen strong sales, and most producers seem to be sold out before May 2021. They also don't like accepting firm bids on the deals they make. As a result, there is no need to sell. Prices for 20-foot containers are still “on demand” due to a scarcity […]

Published: 9th April 2021

Latest Pulses & Lentils Market Review - April - Part 2

Quinoa The market for white remains relatively steady, while the market for red and black continues to firm due to limited supply. Mung Beans Prices Remain Stable - Mung bean prices in China have remained stable, although prices in other origins have remained stable. Myanmar mung is in high demand in India, China, and the […]

Published: 7th April 2021

Latest Pulses & Lentils Market Review - April - Part 1

Red Split Lentils With limited grower sale, prices have remained stable. What happens next will be determined by when India needs to move in and buy again, as well as what is planted in Canada. North American weather is currently dry, which is also a cause for concern. Green lentils Restricted grower sale at the […]

Published: 7th April 2021