Blue Poppy Seed Update...

Date: 31st July 2015 Category: Latest News, Market Report
Blue Poppy Seed Update...

The market is floating quietly and we are right at the start of the new harvest. Until a couple of weeks ago we were expecting a somewhat higher harvest than last year butchelmer-foods-logo the latest reports now point at a similar output. Weather/growing conditions have not been very favourable and where for example the Czech Rep increased their plantings by about 15%, the harvest is expected to show a similar figure as last year.

Various European areas have not had enough rain and the Czech Rep. even had to re-sow some areas. The situation is absolutely not alarming but looking at all information and figures at hand, we expect a similar total world crop as last year but still 10% below the long year average.

We therefore adjusted our earlier views from somewhat bearish towards firm to possibly somewhat dearer. Much depends on the weather conditions of the next couple of weeks which we obviously monitor closely. Right now we have a rather neutral approach to prices and therefore offer/sell  current and new crop at the same price.

It would surprise us if the market would be lower in a few months time since any change we might see we expect to be upwards(?).

We look forward to any enquiry you may have.