Californian Walnut Crop growers & packers estimate

Date: 25th July 2018 Category: Latest News, Market Report
Californian Walnut Crop growers & packers estimate

On Monday 23rd of July 2018 Californian Walnut growers and packers estimated the new crop to be 691.000 short tons for the 2018  Walnut new crop.

This is lower than last years estimation of 699.000 short tons. But higher than last years production of about 630.000 short tons. Last year’s crop size was 627,000 tons.  This estimate comes in approx. 10% higher than last year’s total.

The way the estimation works is that everybody who participates makes an estimation of their production for new crop.
Of all these estimations, an average is taken. And based upon that average the crop size is estimated.
At the moment California is experiencing a heat wave. It is expected to last about 1,5 week. And it might effect the crop to some extend.
There have been some hot days earlier this season, but not with this intensity and for many consecutive days.

  • The Tulare Crop is expected to be much larger in quantity than last year.
  • The Chandler Crop will be larger in quantity, but similar in yield per acre to last year.
  • This year’s crop is coming from a larger acreage base compared to last year

The official 2018 Walnut Crop Estimate will be released in Early September.

In general the world has a plentiful supply of walnuts and we expect a season of stabilised competitive pricing to continue to grow volumes.