Chilean Prune Update

Date: 18th January 2018 Category: Latest News
Chilean Prune Update Assorted dried fruits and nuts

The estimated carry over from last year’s crop will be app. 5.000 tons , especially for small industrial sizes.

-              Estimated sizes of the new crop:

For new crop we expect the principal volume in sizes 50-60  60/70  70/80.  Quantity of 40/50 and 30/40 very small.

-              Crop to date export (and vs last year)

The expectation is that the first lots for 2018 crop will be available for shipment during end of March/early April 2018

-              Domestic demand vs last year

Domestic demand will be higher than in 2017, but this will be not more than 5-6 % of the total demand.

Please find below a table from the INC magazine: