Dates: attractive prices fail to boost exports

Date: 14th March 2023 Category: Latest News
Dates: attractive prices fail to boost exports

Mundus Agri. Exchange rate fluctuations have enabled Iran’s date exporters to offer competitive prices this season. Exports for 2022 are, however, roughly on par with 2021.

Roughly on par

Iran exported 347,830 mt of dates worth USD 296 million in 2022. Although average export prices declined and suppliers state that they were able to offer competitive prices, exports range slightly lower than the 352,009 MT worth USD 309 million registered in 2021. Mazafati dates were the most popular variety by far as they accounted for as much as 41% of the volumes exported, whereas much lower volumes of Zahedi, Shahani and Estamaran dates were shipped.



Sharp rise in domestic prices

While a hike in demand for the new crop drove up prices in October through to December 2022, the situation turned in January and prices slipped until the start of February. Exchange rate fluctuations are now, however driving the market as the Iranian rial has recently gained some support and caused prices to climb again. Domestic prices have also risen sharply in recent weeks.