Hazelnuts & Almonds market update

Date: 4th October 2017 Category: Latest News, Market Report
Hazelnuts & Almonds market update

HazelnutsThe Turkish Hazelnut market remains remarkably stable at 18.5 TL. Volumes arriving satisfy demand, farmers and stock holders are not willing to discount further having seen the TMO’s improving performance.
It would seem that at current levels all players (other than short sellers) seem happy.
This would seem a good time to look at your forward requirements.


As growers complete their harvest, other tasks become an immediate focus. Critical post-harvest irrigation, soil amendment and fertiliser applications begin almost immediately after the harvesters leave the orchards. Older, lower producing orchards are being removed even as new plantings using potted trees are being planted, and lands are being prepared for planting with bare-root trees during the coming winter.
Market appears quite firm at the moment, now we are on the pick season and it will be unlikely that we will see lower prices in the near future.We have some good positions on natural almonds and processed almonds and would welcome your enquiries.