Latest Pulses & Lentils Market Review - April - Part 1

Date: 7th April 2021 Category: Latest News
Latest Pulses & Lentils Market Review - April - Part 1

Red Split Lentils

With limited grower sale, prices have remained stable. What happens next will be determined by when India needs to move in and buy again, as well as what is planted in Canada. North American weather is currently dry, which is also a cause for concern.

Green lentils

Restricted grower sale at the moment, similar to red lentils, but stocks are thin. Going forward, it will be determined by potential demand from India as well as the plants and weather conditions in North America.

Dark Green Speckled Lentils

Seed stocks for the 2020 crop are nearly depleted, and it's unclear what Canadian farmers will plant for the 2021 crop. For the near future, we expect prices to remain stable.


Stable, with no significant changes


Prices have risen in the last month, especially for 7mm, due to a scarcity of supply. Turkey, like Argentina, is nearly devoid of people. Canada and Australia are the only countries with stocks, but farmers are content not to sell and instead wait for the demand to firm up.


Stable, with no significant changes