Prunes: Lowest harvest in 10 years

Date: 30th June 2022 Category: Latest News
Prunes: Lowest harvest in 10 years

The arrival of the covid 19 pandemic and the strong geopolitical tensions have caused profound changes in the global economy. We all keep being impacted by the increasing instability of the markets, rapid inflation, and growing tensions in the supply chain.


After the severe frost period in late April, southwest France has encountered a period of violent hailstorms this month, causing locally significant damage to private homes, cars, and future crops.
Port of the Agen prunes growing area has been severely hit by devastating winds and hailstorms, causing additional losses with important fruit falls and hail impact.

The prune market has changing the last seasons, and we could see this in the previous harvest in the different markets.


The growers expect the lowest volume in 10 years. The harvest of plumes  affected to prunes stock and pushed on average prices for this season.

The Chilean industry has smaller calibers for this season. There is a more considerable difference in price between the bigger and smaller calibers.


  1. Lower inventory and higher prices:

  • 2020-2021 season, Chilean growers faced a climatologic disaster that effect production.

  • Rainy weather before harvest affected crops (Chile)

  • Drought affected harvest in California;

  • Cold weather in France

      2. Logistic problems of export to China

      3.High demand for fresh plumes from China. This affects the bigger calibers and lower volume of prunes.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has affected the demand for prunes in the neighboring countries. But has been absorbed by the rest of Europe

After last year's historically low availability for the French prunes crop, the coming harvest will again be marked by low volumes. However, the lack of carry-over stock and further expected price increases will add additional difficulty to the coming prunes campaign.