Seeds Market Update October 2015

Date: 29th September 2015 Category: Latest News, Market Report
Seeds Market Update  October 2015


The  new crop harvest in China will just about be finished in mid October this year. Overall  it is thought that the  total crop is about 30 pct larger than  last year but we must remember that last year’s crop was the worst for  several years.055

GWS is about  similar in size to last year’s crop  but the quality is thought to be  better due to  kinder harvest conditions in September.

Shine skin tonnage is up  but the general feeling is that the crop is  OK but not as huge as we were thinking it may be back  earlier in the Summer.

Demand is increasing  domestically  in China for the national holiday from  1 st to 7 th October  2015 and also  demand is expected to be  strong up until the New Year holiday  that starts on the 8 th February 2016 next year.

Would suggest  taking cover up to  February/March 2016 to see  yourself through the  busy domestic  period in China.



Bakery Grade

The harvest is nearly completed for the  oil seeds in Bulgaria. The overall size of the crop is good and the quality is fair , maybe a little smaller kernel size thaseed1n last year due to the  very hot Summer  Bulgaria had this year.

Demand is very strong for  the new crop  at the moment and most sellers  are booked up until  December 2015 /January 2016 shipment. We may see a weakening in the market after Xmas when  buyers worldwide would  have  had their  first few shipments and demand may slacken a little  putting pressure on  growers and processors to be  more competitive. Would advise  to cover up to January/ February 2016

Confectionery  Grade

The confectionery crop in China is down from last  year’s  big crop  due to  farmers  planting  more  pumpkin  but overall the crop is OK and prices are steady.

USA origin is looking  good but still considerably more expensive than Chinese origin. Argentina is waiting a while before  offering  for their new crop next Spring.

Overall  prices from China look attractive.



India has enjoyed a good Monsoon as reported earlier in the Summer and the new crop is  about 4 weeks away from being harvested and the overall size is looking good.

This coupled with less demand  from some traditionally  large  buyers such as Greece and China  at the  moment  means that  growers / processors are keen to secure  business and  prices have eased from the highs of last Autumn and earlier this year.

Would suggest taking cover into  2016 at current levels.



Prices remain historically very attractive  both for brown and golden linseeds – good crops from Russia, Kazakhstan and Moldavia this Summer mean that prices have already come down and we feel any further significant  price reduction is unlikely.


Hulled Millet seeds

The crop in the  Mid West of  America ,Dakota and Colorado, is looking very good this year – new crop will  be shipped in late October.


Poppy seeds

The market is  rather quiet at the moment  but demand is expected to pick up  for the traditional  Xmas trade in Europe as usual  very soon.

There are no  shortages in supply and the Czech  new crop plantings were about 20 pct  higher than for 2014 but overall the crop is similar to last year’s due to  dry conditions  during the Summer.

Overall we feel prices are stable and  likely to   move  up and down about Euros 50  pmt  this season.


Hoping the  above overview is of some use and if any firm offers etc are required please do not  hesitate to contact us.