South Africa, Crop Report 2023

Date: 10th October 2022 Category: Latest News
South Africa, Crop Report 2023

The Belfrudis: At this stage, everything is looking great, and the vineyards have not missed the start of the new season. A new crop year, new growth, and renewed optimism. As usual, a lot can happen, but it is all smiley faces for the moment.


 Vine Fruit 

Even though producers have been severely affected by high inflation and challenging weather conditions during harvest time this year, vines are starting to grow again and with growth there is optimism and anticipation for the new crop. 


Orange river area 

The 2022 winter was cold, with enough accumulated cold units to produce a good harvest. No frost damage was reported. During September the area received good rainfall. It is still early days, but according to our estimation the crop will be ready to harvest on time and not 2 weeks later as experienced in 2022. 


Olifants River area 

The Olifants River area had average winter rains and the dam level is at sufficient levels. There will be no water shortages in this area the coming season. The crop looks promising for the new season. 

At this stage the vines are healthy with excellent growing conditions and will produce good quality grapes and raisins in 2023.


Tree fruit 

The harvest is 10 days earlier versus 2022 crop.


Royal type apricots

 Royal type apricots have finished flowering, but are in the middle of the early development process. This will be finished roughly by week 42-43. A good flowering season was experienced in all regions across the Western Cape. The Citrusdal, Clanwilliam and Montagu area`s experienced “delayed flowering”.

  The size of the harvest can be determined more accurately at the end of October 2022, when early development has finished, and the danger of frost damage is less. 


 Elberta type peaches

 The Elberta harvest should be positive as early cultivars flowered as expected. Later cultivars such as Fair time and Witzenberg are still flowering. Farmers are busy thinning the fruit. 



 Pear trees are in full flower currently, but it is still a long way to go to determine crop size. 



 A good Prune harvest is expected. Flowering has finished in most orchards, and early development has started.



Temperatures in September 2022 were better compared to September 2021. The expected temperatures for October 2022 are better than the cold weather experienced in October 2021. 

We are looking forward to a good season!