Tropical Fruits Market Update Feb 23

Date: 21st February 2023 Category: Latest News
Tropical Fruits Market Update Feb 23


We are currently in the final stages of the winter crop, and because of a reduction in supply over the past few weeks, the price of fresh pineapple has increased.

Given that the majority of the end-winter crop's fruits were smaller in size and that the last two months had been dry, we had anticipated a drop in the supply of fresh pineapples for the upcoming summer harvest. After a prolonged dry spell, there was sudden and strong rain last week. As a result, most farmers are concerned about the marbling issue (spot disease) that could affect the summer crop's fruit.

In conclusion, fewer, smaller-sized pineapple fruits are anticipated for the summer harvest (March–June). The larger rings that are typically needed with larger fruit sizes should also be carefully examined.


Throughout 2023, the supply remained stable or inadequate.
The peak season was finished as of today, and this supply is expected to continue until October. Due to the drought, the papaya itself would be even less plentiful or of lower quality in Q2 and Q3.


Although the price of fresh mangoes has decreased recently, we concluded that this quantity represents the final winter crop carryover. In the following two weeks, the new summer harvest is anticipated, but we must wait until the situation is more clear to determine how the summer crop will affect the drop in mango plantations that occurred in Q3 2022.


No change since last update, and the volume of fresh coconuts exports has remained steady.