Turkish Sultanas, Market update

Date: 30th January 2023 Category: Latest News
Turkish Sultanas, Market update

Mundus Agri. Disappointment persists in Manisa as the weather has remained unusually warm. Forecasts, however, state that conditions should change in the next few weeks. The TMO will start selling sultanas in February.

Way too warm

Daytime temperatures recently even climbed to 20-22C (68-71.6F), whereas nighttime temperatures dropped to 5-10C (41-50F). These conditions are still disrupting the winter dormancy of the vines. Weather forecasts, fortunately, state that the required cold weather will arrive along with snow in the next few weeks.

The TMO also expects to start selling the remaining supplies from the 2021 crop in February. The estimate is that the state-run organization still holds 130,000 mt of sultanas from the 2021 and 2022 crops. Quotations range at TRY 25-26/kg for type 9 sultanas and weekly trading volumes at 100 mt at the Izmir Commodity Exchange. 


Call-offs keep exports afloat

Weekly exports recently ranged a bit higher at 4,028 mt on 22 January, which is up on the 3,854 mt registered in the same week last year. Total exports have also climbed to 109,542 mt this season so far. This exceeds the volume of 108,461 mt shipped overseas in the same period last season by 1,000 mt.