Turkish Vineyard Observations - May Summary

Date: 4th June 2021 Category: Latest News
Turkish Vineyard Observations - May Summary

In May, we saw further growth on the vines, with green shoots emerging from buds and the first clusters like small buttons sprouting. Flowers successfully developed into Berries during a delicate period of flowering and pollination.

During this period, a chilly spring provided optimum circumstances for the vines. During this time, healthy vines are the first sign of a good production and high quality fruit. We had high temperatures exceeding 40 degrees last year around this time, which caused excessive breakage in the vines and lowered crop yield.

The outlook for the fresh crop of 2021-2022 appears to be promising. However, some producers are afraid that the quantity of clusters on the vines will be smaller this year than last. Even though the vines have historically compensated for such situations, the progress will be attentively monitored in the coming weeks. The frosts in March and April had only a minimal impact on the crop.

We can predict a crop volume similar to last year if weather conditions remain favourable. However, until harvest, torrential rains and hail, which could reduce the production and quality of the new crop, will always be a worry.

Leaf removal and vegetation management are top priorities in the vineyards during this season. Leaf removal enhances air circulation and enhances solar exposure, giving grapes more energy.

The weather prediction, according to the Turkish Meteorological Service, looks promising until June 7th, with temperatures in the high 20s during the day and 14 degrees at night, with partly cloudy skies.