Turkish Apricot Update

Turkish Apricot Update

posted by: Simon Heather date: Feb 17, 2016 category: Latest News comments: Comments Off on Turkish Apricot Update

Turkey is experiencing unprecedented warm weather. We have broken record highs for the past 2 days, with weather in Malatya exceeding 20 C by day and 5 C by night, average for this time of the year is 5 C during the day and –2 C at night. Izmir has seen 27 C the previous record for February was 24 C !

The forecast for the coming 10 days is for similar weather, which would probably result in a very risky February apricot bloom a full month earlier than usual.

Link to 10 day forecast:  https://weather.com/en-GB/weather/10day/l/TUXX0048:1:TU

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