Turkish apricots – Will there be a shortage?

Turkish apricots – Will there be a shortage?

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Due to the weak Turkish Lira, the export prices in dollars have softened somewhat. Up to now the carry out and the small quantity of new crop could meet the diminished demand caused by the historical high price levels. In a few months however we expect a real shortage as consumers are not yet fully confronted with the high prices and consumption did not slow down at the same pace. So somewhere in the near future we will have a bottleneck, which can only be solved by the new crop 2015 – still 10/11 months ahead!

Also it will become more difficult to get the correct qualities towards the end of this ‘season’, as at these prices it will be worthwhile to upgrade questionable parcels.

As for natural apricots, in spite of a higher percentage dried as natural, the absolute quantity will be less than usual due to the minimal crop.

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