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USDA: 2022 California Almond Forecast

The initial subjective forecast for the 2022 California almond production is 2.80 billion pounds. Forecasted production is 4% below last year's production of 2.92 billion pounds. Forecasted bearing acreage for 2022 is a record high of 1,370,000. The forecasted yield is 2,040 pounds per acre, 8% lower than the 2021 yield of 2,210 pounds per […]

Peanuts: unease oversupply and demand

Mundus Agri: Although the prices for peanuts have fluctuated in a narrow range in India in recent weeks, traders reckon this is about to change. Issues are global factors, especially since production is under the weather in Brazil. Recently updated production estimates, however, tell a different story. Traders express unease Traders are expressing unease at […]

Pecans: Worst drought in 1,200 years

The western parts of the USA are confronted with the worst prolonged drought in 1,200 years. Since water is restricted local farmers now have to make difficult decisions. US food production to be cut. Not only have geopolitical tensions and the pandemic tested the resilience of farmers in the western US, especially in California, but […]

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