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Industry Leading Market Updates & Crop Reports

Macadamias Nuts, Market Update 21.09.2023

Despite prices being at record lows due to over- supply, economic weakness (whereby more expensive non-essential items do not move off the shelves as fast) and the advent of China as supplier rather than importer; there have been reports that China have been rather active in the market buying kernels and have ‘mopped up’ a […]

Cashew Market Update, 21.09.2023

The cashew market is quiet. Vietnam would appear to have an oversupply of raw material currently and whereas exports have been steady, the question is – how much is still in stock in main consuming markets?   Despite some reports of higher levels for African cashews, we are seeing steady pricing with some grades becoming […]

US Pistachios, Market Update

The 2022/2023 American pistachio crop was a record-breaker, with shipments totaling 901.6M pounds (410,000 MT). This represents an almost 8% increase over the previous year and the highest shipment number ever. Key markets for American pistachios remain domestic at 28%, Europe at 22%, and Asia (China/HK) at 30%. Other important markets include the Middle East […]

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