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Industry Updates

Pecan Market Update - July 21

Raw material prices have risen dramatically in the recent ten days. With limited raw material available in the North American market and increased demand for late-season contracts, this pricing pattern is likely to continue into the following crop. The market is predominantly driven by demand from North American customers, but international markets (such as the […]

Brazil Nut Market Report July 21

As the season draws to a close, the market remains exceedingly tough, and trade is hampered by a lack of available offers. Due to a scarcity of acceptable raw materials, several of our suppliers expect to wind up most of their activities by the end of July or early August. That is not to suggest […]

Californian Almonds Crop Forecast - Crop Estimate Down around 10-15%!!

According to reports out of California, the new harvest is down 10-15%, thus we expect packers and merchants to raise prices significantly as a result of this news. California's almond crop is expected to total 2.80 billion meat pounds in 2021, down 13% from May's subjective projection of 3.2 billion and 10% less than last […]

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