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dried fruits | nuts | seeds | pulses

We source a wide range of dried fruits, nuts, seeds and pulses from our network of trusted suppliers in over 20 countries worldwide. We ship in a variety of sizes so whether you want to buy in bulk or have a small delivery, Chelmer Foods gives all of our customers a personalised experience based on their needs.

With extensive checks and certifications, we only buy from reputable sources in high-quality regions to ensure that the standards we put in place are met. Browse the different categories we supply below to see if we can help you.

Industry Leading Market Updates & Crop Reports

We believe in keeping our customers informed about our latest products and services. That's why we regularly post market updates and reports to help our customers stay up to date on the different markets that we deal in. If you would like to receive newsletters with roundup reports you can sign up here.

Sign up for our newsletters and follow us on social media to stay informed and up to date on all the latest news with Dried Fruits, Nuts, Seeds and Pulses!

Tropical Fruit Update 20.06.24

Pineapple As of today, the daily tonnage of fresh pineapple supply is relatively low at the level of 1,500mt per day, while the industrial canning demand is normally at the level of 3,500mt per day.  As a result, the canning factories have not been able to operate on a full-day basis during the past few […]

Prunes Market Update 20.06.24

Chile has seen strong sales of prunes to date, with 73% of the current stock already sold. Notably, China has been increasing its imports of Chilean prunes, with a substantial rise from 18,000 metric tons (MT) in 2023 to an estimated 25,000 MT in 2024. This increase is significant, given that the total production is […]

Turkish Apricot Update 18.06.24

Exports in May were 4,827 tons compared to 4,928 tons last year. Year-to-date exports are 60,319 tons compared to 72,813 tons last year. Exports were in line with expectations, and it's expected that the season will finish somewhere shy of 70,000 tons - a drop of around 20% this year. Prices of the current crop […]

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