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Chilean Prunes - New Crop

Prunes are extremely tight in the UK market present, not many suppliers are able to offer spot material in efforts to cover booked forward sales. New crop this year is also expected to be smaller than previous years. Last year potential production for Chilean dried plums was around 95.000 MT. However around 20.000 MT of this […]

Seed Market Snap Shot!

Sunflower:- We have seen massive spikes in the market in recent weeks as the realisation of the extended drought throughout Europe earlier in the year has reduced the yields by more than 10%. This has led to a surge in the veg oil market  which of course impacts on the kernel market. We are seeing […]

Lentil Market Update Sept 2020

As the Red Split Canadian harvest approaches prices have been slowly softening over the past month. Canada is expecting it’s second best yield on record, which is encouraging farmers to sell a bit more now. India has still not yet declared whether they will continue with the reduced import duty, or the rate will return […]

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