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dried fruits | nuts | seeds | pulses

We source a wide range of dried fruits, nuts, seeds and pulses from our network of trusted suppliers in over 20 countries worldwide. We ship in a variety of sizes so whether you want to buy in bulk or have a small delivery, Chelmer Foods gives all of our customers a personalised experience based on their needs.

Industry Leading Market Updates & Crop Reports

We believe in keeping our customers informed about our latest products and services. That's why we regularly post market updates and reports to help our customers stay up to date on the different markets that we deal in. If you would like to receive newsletters with roundup reports you can sign up here.

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Cashew Market Report 22.04.24

The market in cashews is again much firmer this week. SOUPARNIKA has seen some very good demand from Japan and Europe and shipments for June through November are also being bid on. Indications for regular raw seed are hard to find, and our supplier is struggling to get any firm offers. During the past two […]

Coconut Market Report 19.04.24

The supply chain and pricing dynamics of agricultural commodities across Asia, particularly in the coconut industry, are facing several notable challenges. The impact of El Niño has been particularly disruptive, leading to severe shortages in raw coconut supplies from key regions such as Indonesia, the Philippines and Sri Lanka. This scarcity has intensified competition among […]

International News Trade Update 19.04.24

UK Free Trade Agreements Talks with Turkey On the 14th March, the UK initiated discussions with Turkey to establish a new, modernised trade agreement focusing on the services sector, to benefit businesses nationwide. Turkey offers vast opportunities as one of the OECD's fastest-growing economies, with a population of 85 million. The economic relationship between the […]

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