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Not just dried fruit

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Chilean Prunes Market Update

Since the weather for Chilean dried prunes has not been too favourable for new crops, practically all manufacturers/packers are waiting to sell new dried prunes. After suffering a massive and truly unprecedented rain 8-14 days ago, because of several problems, Chilean producers are beginning to see the impact on the crop this year: 1- The […]


The January shipment report broke the downward direction of the past months. The shipments of almonds from California did not crack the monthly year on year record for the first time this season and they also declined beyond the most pessimistic forecasts by industry players. It is clear that due to shipping delays and congestions, […]


The already reported standoff over prices between processors and collectors has led to a very late start of the new rainforest region campaign. Due to missing raw material, all roots are currently unable to ship and several processors have yet to open their facilities for the new season. Any old raw material has already been […]

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