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Chelmer Foods Seeds Market Outlook, 09.06.2023

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Pecan Nuts Market Update, June 2023

Current Market Conditions Demand has been consistent in the pecan market over the last month. Multiple large volume buyers have yet to fully cover positions for 2023, which is keeping prices stable. Inventory levels are at their lowest levels since 2012, when pecans were trading above $7.00/lb. The following inshell raw material remains open in […]

Turkish Vineyards observation report, 5th June 2023

The vineyards have made significant progress during the month of May. Shoots have developed from the buds that awakened in early spring, and the clusters resembling tiny buttons have become visible. The vineyards are currently in the delicate period of flowering, where the flowers will soon develop into berries. This phase is crucial for the […]

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