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Pulses: Turkey increases red lentil exports by 80%

Mundus Agri. Turkey is one of the leading cultivating countries of pulses such as chickpeas, lentils, and dried beans. According to statistics, exports of these products have been significantly lower this year in some cases. Pulses in comparison Pulses are grown all over the world. However, growing countries often specialize in two or three varieties. […]

Chelmer Foods Seed Market outlook 02.12.2022


Prune Market Overview 2022

What has happened in the prunes markets - and what you should expect in the upcoming seasons In November 2022, International Prune Association held a conference about what has been going in the prune industry. As for the last decades, the prune industry has been struggling with over-supply. Looking at history, between 1994-2013 the global […]

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