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We source a wide range of dried fruits, nuts, seeds and pulses from our network of trusted suppliers in over 20 countries worldwide. We ship in a variety of sizes so whether you want to buy in bulk or have a small delivery, Chelmer Foods gives all of our customers a personalised experience based on their needs.

Industry Leading Market Updates & Crop Reports

We believe in keeping our customers informed about our latest products and services. That's why we regularly post market updates and reports to help our customers stay up to date on the different markets that we deal in. If you would like to receive newsletters with roundup reports you can sign up here.

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Pecan nuts spread out of table.

Pecan Overview North America 01.12.23

United States pecan The early-season varieties of pecan in New Mexico and Arizona have encountered delays caused by higher temperatures. Growers are anticipating cooler weather and the first freeze in early December to facilitate the shaking process. Texas and Oklahoma are grappling with substantial challenges due to wet weather following an extended drought period. As […]

Cranberry harvest

Cranberry Market Update 28.11.23

Canada Following a record-breaking harvest in 2022, Quebec is now grappling with a challenging season that may establish additional records, albeit of an undesirable nature. The 2023 harvest has the potential to be even smaller than the markedly low volume year of 2017 which had the smallest yield in a decade. Despite spring's flowering stems […]

Hazelnuts and Cashews market report 23.11.23

Hazelnuts The hazelnut market has remained stable this week due to Ferrero's high buying activity after their price increase the previous week. The remainder of Q4 2023 is likely to have stable levels because of this. Since buyers have increased in the market today, there is less risk of prices falling before the end of […]

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