Food service

Chelmer Foods are able to supply a comprehensive range of Foodservice products branded under our Chelmer label.

Our ranges encompass:

  • Dried Fruits
  • Edible Nuts
  • Pulses
  • Seeds

Products are obtainable in a variety of sizes, the most popular being:

  • Dried Fruits 4×3/kg
  • Edible Nuts 6×1/kg
  • Pulses 4×3/kg
  • Seeds 6×1/kg

We can also provide any one of these ranges under an own label, should this be your first choice.

All our raw material suppliers must pass our very strict supplier guidelines before they will be considered a Chelmer Foods supplier.

We are fully committed to delivering a quality product at competitive prices coupled with a dependable service.

We never compromise our philosophy at any point of our supply chain, no matter what size of business we are supplying.

Our dedicated buying team is constantly seeking out new buying opportunities through global sourcing, ensuring we can buy the best available products at competitive prices.

Our experience over many years has created a depth of knowledge and understanding of origin, its suppliers, inspection, storage and transit requirements and makes us uniquely positioned to meet our customer’s needs.



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