Date: 16th July 2024

Cashew Market Report 16.07.24

Indian Cashews With Indian Cashews, the market in Delhi has been generally quiet and may have edged a little lower during the past week. Some feel the traders are trying to push down the prices on a short-term basis to buy at lower levels for the Diwali festival and for the marriage season - for […]

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Date: 15th July 2024

Turkish Pulses Harvest Report 15.07.24

Lentils, chickpeas, and beans are generally produced in Southeastern and Eastern Anatolia. These regions are suitable for pulse production with their soil structure and climate conditions. For example, more than 90% of lentils in Türkiye are produced in the Southeastern Anatolia region. By applying rotation, the amount of organic matter and nitrogen in the soil […]

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Date: 12th July 2024

Almond Shipment & Market Report 12.07.24

Production The 2024 California almond production is estimated to be at 2.8 billion lbs. This is down -7% from what was predicted in May, but is still higher than the 2.47 million lbs harvested in the previous crop year. The overall acreage is the same as last year at 1.38 million, but yield estimates are […]

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Date: 11th July 2024

Marrowfat Pea Crop Report 11.07.24

So far this year, the weather has been much more favourable this year than in 2023, where the temperatures were too hot and caused a lot of crop damage and yield loss in June and a very wet July meant that the crop quality was damaged. A more positive scene is showing this year, however, […]

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Date: 10th July 2024

Walnut Shipment Report 10.07.24

With record production in 2023 and a larger carryover, California prices dropped, boosting buyer confidence to purchase large volumes throughout most of the season. High-quality California produce was well received in all markets, encouraging additional orders in the spring. California is now well-positioned to reduce its carryover heading into the 2024 crop year. The carryover […]

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Date: 4th July 2024

Canadian Blueberries & Cranberries Crop Report 04.07.24

Wild Blueberries The upcoming wild blueberry harvest looks promising this year. Crops have moved beyond the stage of green blueberries; most fields now feature pinkish blueberries with slight purplish hues. Some blue blueberries have already been visible for several days. The 2024 harvest will be earlier than usual. Wild blueberry producers are utilising a bioclimatic […]

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Date: 2nd July 2024

Almond Crop Progress Report 02.07.24

The transition from spring to summer brought a significant rise in temperatures throughout the Central Valley, with readings consistently surpassing 100°F for several days. Interestingly, this period also saw a surge of monsoonal moisture, leading to thunderstorms in various parts of the Valley and resulting in heavy showers and occasional hail, particularly in Fresno County. […]

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Date: 1st July 2024

Turkish Tree Fruit Market Update 01.07.24

Apricots The export volume for the 2023 apricot crop reached 62,500 metric tons by the third week of June 2024, which is 22.5% lower than the 76,600 metric tons of the 2022 crop during the same period. However, the unit average export price has increased by 12% from $5,591 to $6,262 per MT this year. For the current […]

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Date: 1st July 2024

Turkish Vine Fruit Market Update 01.07.24

Raw Material Quantity From May 2024, the deliveries of material from growers to processors is at 172,000 metric tons. This represents a 47% decrease from last year's volume of 323,000 metric tons. With no pre-season expert field study or an official announcement of estimated volume to compare, we can make an estimated guess that the […]

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Date: 28th June 2024

Cranberries Market Information 28.06.24

After a previous season with variable weather that impacted crop volumes from one region to another, the crop year 2024 seems more promising with a potentially more abundant harvest. In Canada After a season marked by variable weather that impacted crop volumes across different regions, the crop year 2024 holds promise for a potentially more […]

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