Date: 27th February 2024

Chilean Prunes Update 27.02.24

Amidst favourable climactic conditions experienced in the fourth quarter of 2023, the latest harvest of Chilean dried prunes boasts exceptional quality, even with a slight reduction in sugar content. Despite a minor delay in the crop's schedule, the volume remains consistent, aligning closely with forecasts mirroring that previous year's output, estimated at approximately 55-60KT. Notably, […]

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Date: 26th February 2024

Seed Market Outlook 26.02.24

Exchange rate The exchange rate for GBP (£) to EUR (€) dipped to 4-week lows just below 1.660 on Tuesday (20/03/24) before a tentative recovery to 1.1680. The Pound to US Dollar (GBP/USD) exchange rate is fluctuating a lot given the mixed UK economic data. The Pound (GBP) is trading in a quieter capacity, while […]

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Date: 22nd February 2024

European Almonds Crop Report 22.02.24

The autumn-winter season of 2023/2024 in the southwest region of the Iberian Peninsula is notably warm overall. Precipitation patterns have been erratic, resulting in irregular rainfall distribution. While rainfall generally falls within normal ranges, certain areas experience significantly below-average precipitation. Most orchards in Alentejo, Extremadura and western Andalusia receive between 350-450.. of accumulated rainfall during […]

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Date: 21st February 2024

Almond Crop Progress Report 21.02.24

Winter dormancy is beginning to fade in California's almond-growing region, with Sonora and a handful of other early varieties leading the charge, boasting significant bloom percentages, some reaching 50% or more. Orchards not planted with Sonora are also poised for a robust bloom, with a promising overlap between varieties and strong bud development. Nonpareil, stirring from its […]

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Date: 19th February 2024

Beans Update 19.02.24

The 2023 bean market presents numerous challenges, primarily stemming from the drought in Argentina and the aftermath of Mexico's disastrous harvest. Mexico has absorbed substantial quantities of beans from across the Americas to compensate for its own shortages, resulting in elevated and stable prices. France enjoyed a favourable harvest in 2023, boasting yields above average. […]

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Date: 19th February 2024

Turkish Apricot Market Update 19.02.24

Strong Demand Amidst Shrinking Supply In January, exports amounted to 6,477 tons, marking a 12.5% decrease from last year's 7,419 tons. Year-to-date exports stand at 38,640 tons, down 21.5% from the previous year's 49,175 tons. Despite a notable decline in overall supply by 25-30% compared to the previous year, January exports surpassed expectations with only […]

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Date: 17th February 2024

Lentils Update 17.02.24

Lentils The lentil market maintains significant firmness, with prices holding at historically high levels. France The estimated production domestically stands at around 15KT. Recent data from Terres Univia indicates a consistent decline in lentil-planted areas since 2019, reaching a 23% decrease by 2022. With the sector experiencing a fourth consecutive poor harvest in 2023, its […]

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Date: 16th February 2024

Chickpeas Update 16.02.24

Chickpeas The chickpea market exhibits firmness and stability, marked by limited supplies and notably high prices for 'large' chickpeas, mainly attributed to the modest 2023 Mexican harvest. This trend is propelling prices upward across all chickpea varieties. For medium and small-sized chickpeas, European buyers are turning to Canada to sidestep Russian chickpeas. France Internally estimated […]

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Date: 15th February 2024

Pecan Market Update 15.02.24

The current pecan market has the lowest supply number of the last 18 years. A series of events has caused the current supply situation: The US crop is shorter than originally predicted. The state of Georgia suffered hurricane damage earlier in 2023 and a hot summer and frost damage in the Oklahoma and Texas regions […]

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Date: 14th February 2024

Almond Market Report 14.02.24

Shipments India: Shipments to India reached 39 million pounds, marking a 12% increase compared to the previous year. Year-to-date shipments have surged by 25%, primarily fueled by robust purchasing activity in the initial half of the month. However, momentum waned in the latter weeks as importers shifted focus towards execution and profit-taking. Moreover, buyer enthusiasm […]

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