North American Pecan Overview 01.12.23

United States The early-season varieties in New Mexico and Arizona have encountered delays caused by higher temperatures. Growers are anticipating cooler weather and the first freeze in early December to facilitate the shaking process. Texas and Oklahoma are grappling with substantial challenges due to wet weather following an extended drought period. As a consequence, harvesting […]

Published: 1st December 2023

Cranberry Market Update 28.11.23

Canada Following a record-breaking harvest in 2022, Quebec is now grappling with a challenging season that may establish additional records, albeit of an undesirable nature. The 2023 harvest has the potential to be even smaller than the markedly low volume year of 2017 which had the smallest yield in a decade. Despite spring's flowering stems […]

Published: 28th November 2023

Hazelnuts and Cashews market report 23.11.23

Hazelnuts The hazelnut market has remained stable this week due to Ferrero's high buying activity after their price increase the previous week. The remainder of Q4 2023 is likely to have stable levels because of this. Since buyers have increased in the market today, there is less risk of prices falling before the end of […]

Published: 23rd November 2023

Almond Shipment Report 20.11.23

There was a notable surge in shipments in October, surpassing the pace set in the previous year. The total shipments for the month amounted to 247 million pounds, showing a 12% increase from the previous month and a 15% uptick from the same period last year. Exports constituted 190.3 million pounds, but domestic shipments were […]

Published: 20th November 2023

Cashew market information 16.11.23

The export cashew market has been all but abandoned, with only a handful of buyers remaining on the market. The absence of WW240 cashew nuts from November until February 2024 has led to a significant surge in their price. A few containers for December or January 2024 are available, priced between 2.70-2.75 usd/lb. In contrast, […]

Published: 16th November 2023

Almond Report 15.11.23

October has been another good month for Almonds, with shipments reaching 247 MM lbs and new sales at 250 MM lbs. There has been excellent shipment volume out of India (48% increase), the Middle East (72% increase) and Western Europe (23% increase). Due to a historically low number of shipments in the previous year, India […]

Published: 15th November 2023

Cashew Market Information 13.11.23

Last week the cashew export market experienced a lull in activity, with less buyers and sellers participating in the market. Cashew nut prices, particularly for WW320, WW450, and second-quality grades, have been on a downward trend because of stagnant sales. In October, Vietnam imported approximately 194,975 tons of raw nuts, reflecting a 23% decrease compared […]

Published: 13th November 2023

Walnut Shipment Report 13.11.23

The 2023 California Objective Crop Estimate for walnuts is set at 760,000 inshell tons, derived from a bearing acreage of 375,000 acres. This represents a decrease from the estimated bearing acreage of 400,000 acres in 2022. As of October 31, walnut receipts total 689,547 inshell tons. Many California handlers indicate ongoing walnut arrivals into the […]

Published: 13th November 2023

INC Global Statistical Update 10.11.2023

Almonds As of September 30, 2023, the Almond Board of California documented receipts of 625.4 million pounds (approximately 283,700 metric tons) in kernel weight. The total shipments for the 2022/23 year mark the third-highest in history, reaching 2.565 billion pounds (around 1.163 million metric tons). Walnuts The initial Chinese crop estimate of 1.45 million metric […]

Published: 10th November 2023

Almond Crop Progress Report 06.11.23

California's almond growers faced ongoing challenges due to adverse weather conditions while striving to complete the 2023 harvest. Analysing the daily maximum temperatures during this time frame revealed a distinct pattern, as temperatures reacted to the passing weather systems and also showed the anticipated cooling at the end of the season. At the beginning of […]

Published: 7th November 2023