Californian Almond, Crop Progress Report – February 6, 2023

The California Central Valley experienced a wet winter in 2022/23, contrary to forecasts of a dry winter due to La Nina conditions. The valley received much-needed rainfall and snow, with the highest amounts recorded in the north state, ranging from 8 to 13 inches in the Sacramento Valley. The Sierra Nevada snowpack reached record levels […]

Published: 7th February 2023

Türkiye Earthquake

Such a tragedy: A powerful and destructive #earthquake hit southern #Turkiye with damaging spillovers elsewhere. Our thoughts are with the entire people of Türkiye

Published: 6th February 2023

Chelmer Foods Seed Market outlook 03.02.2023

  Download - Seeds market outlook 12082022
Published: 3rd February 2023

Turkish Sultanas, Market update

Mundus Agri. Disappointment persists in Manisa as the weather has remained unusually warm. Forecasts, however, state that conditions should change in the next few weeks. The TMO will start selling sultanas in February. Way too warm Daytime temperatures recently even climbed to 20-22C (68-71.6F), whereas nighttime temperatures dropped to 5-10C (41-50F). These conditions are still […]

Published: 30th January 2023

Almonds: Spain and US, market update

Mundus Agri. Although Spain’s almond exports received a boost in November, the dent in exports is still much higher than in California. Competition between Spain and California remains fierce, with speculations on water supplies and exchange rates being top priorities.   Shipments to Turkey nearly triple Demand finally picked up and boosted Spain’s exports in […]

Published: 30th January 2023

Dried apricots: high risk

Mundus Agri. Ramadan has given Turkey's dried apricot exports a lift. Although weather conditions are presently ideal for developing fruits in Malatya, certain risks prevail. Weekly exports pick up. Exports have risen as pre-Ramadan demand is up in the Middle East. Turkey shipped 1,745 mt of dried apricots and related products overseas in the week […]

Published: 27th January 2023

Dried figs: cold spell anticipated

Mundus Agri. Exports range higher than last year. As the weather is expected to turn, conditions should improve for this year's dried fig production. The firm market for now Farmers in Aydin hope that the next few weeks will make a difference. While unusually warm weather coupled with a lack of rain has sparked a […]

Published: 27th January 2023

Peanuts: farmers outsmart industry

Mundus Agri. Farmers are in full control of India’s peanut market. Not only do they still hold more than 35% of all stocks, but they also know how to play to their advantage. Artificial intelligence may also prove an asset in limiting aflatoxin contamination. Superior nuts in short supply The trouble is that the farmers […]

Published: 25th January 2023

Pistachios: dangerous hypocrisy

Mundus Agri. Frustration and anger are growing with Iran’s government. Suppliers are now actively blaming the government for losing market shares for pistachios. Exports have, in fact, slumped by 75%. Full warehouses vs. slump in exports Although demand revived with the arrival of the new crop in mid-October and monthly exports rose by 53.5% in […]

Published: 25th January 2023

South African Raisins Report, January 2023

HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS REPORT -The 2023 SA Raisin Crop is early -Raisins from the Lower Orange River Basin, Northern Cape Province -Olifantsrivier Region (Elephants River) Western Cape region -General Market position as seen from South Africa   The 2023 SA Raisin Crop is early. The South African 2023 raisins crop is going to be earlier […]

Published: 23rd January 2023