Turkish Apricot Update 18.06.24

Exports in May were 4,827 tons compared to 4,928 tons last year. Year-to-date exports are 60,319 tons compared to 72,813 tons last year. Exports were in line with expectations, and it's expected that the season will finish somewhere shy of 70,000 tons - a drop of around 20% this year. Prices of the current crop […]

Published: 18th June 2024

Almond Market Update 17.06.24

May shipments of 226.1 million pounds met industry expectations, marking the second-strongest May on record with a 16% increase compared to last year. Export shipments were 160.4 million pounds, a 9% decrease from last month but up 14% on last year. With two months remaining in the crop year, total shipments have improved over last […]

Published: 17th June 2024

Seeds Market Outlook 17.06.24

via Mundus Agri

Published: 17th June 2024

Chia Market Update 13.06.24

The 2024 chia harvest is underway in South America, and prices have declined over the past two months. The 2023 crop yielded minimal carryover stock, and demand has been feeble. Most analysts anticipate further price drops in the coming weeks. Paraguay, the world's largest chia producer, has significantly expanded its cultivation area. However, dry conditions […]

Published: 13th June 2024

Almond Market Update 12.06.24

May has been another strong month of shipments for California almond handlers, shipping over 226 million lbs, upping the tonnage 15.5% from the previous year. Domestic shipments had the biggest YoY increase at 19.5%, and export shipments were also up 6.35% on the crop year. India Last year India imported 291 million lbs of crop, and now it's reported that these figures […]

Published: 12th June 2024

Walnut Report 11.06.24

The May 2024 Walnut inshell shipments were 11.392  million lbs.  which is down 3.9% from 11.851 million lbs. in May 2023. Inshell for the 2023/24 crop season is up 26.8% vs. season. The May Walnut kernel shipments were also down, at 47.534 million lbs. versus 53.751 million lbs. in May 2023. Kernel shipments for the 2023/24 season […]

Published: 11th June 2024

Pulses Harvest Report 11.06.24

Lentils, chickpeas, and beans are generally produced in Southeastern and Eastern Anatolia. These regions are suitable for pulse production with their soil structure and climate conditions. For example, more than 90% of lentils in Türkiye are produced in this area of the country. The hot and arid climate means that the low rainfall is sufficient […]

Published: 11th June 2024

Dried Figs Market Report 10.06.24

The dried fig sector has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, driven by increasing consumer awareness of the numerous health benefits and versatile culinary applications of dried figs. As a nutrient-dense superfood, they have become a popular choice among health-conscious consumers and food enthusiasts alike. This surge in demand is reflected in the expanding market […]

Published: 10th June 2024

Diabetes Awareness Week 2024

Diabetes Awareness Week is a crucial time dedicated to spreading knowledge, encouraging proactive health management, and supporting those affected by diabetes. This week serves as a reminder of the importance of understanding diabetes, recognising its impact, and taking steps towards better health and well-being. Understanding Diabetes Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects how the […]

Published: 10th June 2024

Chickpeas Update 07.06.24

The combination of high prices and strong demand for kabulis has proved an enticing prospect for Russian farmers over the recent years. 2023 was a particularly good year, and 2024 could see even more growth. The recent suspension of import tariffs on Desi chickpeas by the Indian government means that kabuli chickpeas could become even […]

Published: 7th June 2024