New Crop Fig Update

Date: 29th July 2019 Category: Latest News, Market Report
New Crop Fig Update

The harvest of Figs is estimated to not start for another 3 weeks and a second harvest will take place in the second half of August for the lowland orchards, and early September for mountain figs.

It has been said that the number of figs per branch seems higher than last year, typically there should be 4-5 figs per branch but now there are 6-7 in average.

Last year was no exception, but the rains and humid weather in August destroyed 30-40% of the crop. Due to this, prices were expected to be lower.

There are many reasons that the prices will be higher in early shipments;

  • No carry over of 2019 crop
  • Big demand of local market in August – September (because of ashura, a traditional Turkish dessert)
  • Big demand of foreign markets (almost zero stock in the clients)
  • 20% weaker Euro currency comparing to September 2019
  • 25% increase in workers’ salary and other cost items

Furthermore, there are concerns emerging over the past few days that pollination was not good, and due to this many of the fruits appear to not be developing, if this is correct the crop quantity will less than expected.

It’s true that caprification was not good in some areas, but the remaining quantity on the trees is still more than enough.

As always, the final tonnage and quality of the crop will be heavily influenced by the weather in August and September.