Almond Crop Progress Report 03.04.24

Date: 3rd April 2024 Category: Latest News
Almond Crop Progress Report 03.04.24

Throughout the latter half of March, the Central Valley experienced mild temperatures and variable skies, fostering favourable conditions for the 2024 crop development. While temperatures remained normal to slightly above seasonal levels, occasional rainfall in the final week of the month contributed to overall good conditions. Rainfall was particularly significant in the northern San Joaquin Valley while varying amounts were reported elsewhere. Despite some isolated reports of small hail, no widespread damage occurred.

Growers and observers have reported positive crop development despite the unsettled weather. Warm morning temperatures have facilitated nut growth, leading to natural segregation by size within the trees. This shedding process, which eliminates unfertilised flowers and smaller nutlets, is expected to continue over the coming weeks. As beekeepers relocate their hives, growers are focusing on supporting the developing crop, with early evaluations indicating variable crop sets based on nut size proportions.

Concerns about nutrient deficiencies are noted, with some orchards displaying pale colouration indicating insufficient nutrition. With irrigation systems often serving as the primary means of nutrient distribution, growers have begun applying fertilisers through these systems. However, frustrations arise from limited irrigation allocations despite ample snowpack and reservoir levels.

Increased rainfall and temperatures heighten the risk of fungal infections, prompting growers to apply treatments to protect the crop. Pest presence, including Oblique-Banded Leaf Rollers and Brown Almond Mites, is also being monitored closely. Orchards displaying excessive vegetation growth due to weather disruptions during bloom are being managed, while orchard removal and replanting operations continue across the region.

via Blue Diamond Growers