Almond Crop Progress Report 06.03.24

Date: 6th March 2024 Category: Latest News
Almond Crop Progress Report 06.03.24

Iberian Peninsula

Over the past week, we've experienced significant weather shifts.  An atmospheric river suddenly appeared, bringing with it precipitation and a noticeable temperature drop, returning our climate to the typical range for this time of year. Maximum temperatures now hover between 15-20°C, with minimums dipping below 5°C, and in certain parts of central and northern Spain, they have even fallen below freezing.

These weather fluctuations have slowed down bloom progression and reduced pollinator activity. Despite this, a strong start to the bloom has already yielded early fruit development in some orchards. Varieties like Lauranna and Marinada are progressing steadily, while in warmer areas, we're already witnessing the first flowers of extra-late varieties like Penta.

Looking ahead, the 7-day forecast predicts continued cold temperatures and precipitation, with up to 20-40mm expected towards the week's end due to another atmospheric river. Although February brought above-average rainfall, it hasn't been sufficient to alleviate the ongoing drought. Reservoir levels across the eastern and southern Peninsula remain critically low. With significant changes in the coming weeks, it's likely that the 2024 almond production will once again be severely impacted by water scarcity.

Recent days have shown images of snow-covered almond orchards in central and northern Spain, raising concerns about potential frost damage. However, initial assessments suggest that the damage may be less severe compared to last season's frost episode in early March. Growers will closely monitor the situation in the days ahead.

via De Prado