Almond Crop Progress Report 21.02.24

Date: 21st February 2024 Category: Latest News
Almond Crop Progress Report 21.02.24

Winter dormancy is beginning to fade in California's almond-growing region, with Sonora and a handful of other early varieties leading the charge, boasting significant bloom percentages, some reaching 50% or more. Orchards not planted with Sonora are also poised for a robust bloom, with a promising overlap between varieties and strong bud development.

Nonpareil, stirring from its winter slumber, is awakening across many orchards in the Valley. California types are trailing closely behind, with Fritz slightly ahead, followed by Monterey and CarmelButte and Padre, known for their later bloom, are just beginning to show signs of green tip. However, there's noticeable variation from orchard to orchard in Nonpareil and its associated pollinators, with some just starting to present flowers for pollination while others are already at 10-15% bloom. Independence, among the self-fertile varieties, is progressing rapidly and is expected to bloom significantly soon, with Shasta leading the pack with a considerable amount of bloom already visible.

The forecasted wet weather materialised at the beginning of the week, with some experiencing it midweek. Growers have taken proactive measures, either applying or preparing to apply disease-preventative treatments in anticipation of the predicted extensive weather events.

Earlier wet weather in the year has delayed weed control efforts and mummy nut destruction in many orchards. Nonetheless, growers remain resolute in tackling these tasks. Orchard removal continues statewide as exhausted, nonproductive orchards are being taken out of production.

via Blue Diamond Growers