Almond Market Update 04.03.24

Date: 4th March 2024 Category: Latest News
Almond Market Update 04.03.24

The favourable weather conditions witnessed in the past week have significantly advanced bloom conditions and boosted bee activity. Sonoras have predominantly transitioned into the jacket stage with the initial nutlet formation underway. While Independence has initially lagged behind, it has now caught up with Nonpareil, both varieties progressing into petal fall and advancing into the jacket stage. California varieties have similarly followed suit, with the majority reaching peak bloom last weekend.

The conducive weather has facilitated what appears to be a well-synchronised bloom for Monterey and Carmel, which are also progressing into petal fall. Pollinisers have begun their transition into petal fall as well, with most showing early signs of jacket formation. Butte and Padre experienced a surge last weekend and have made significant progress over the past week, with some instances of limited petal fall noted.

Although the past week saw favourable weather beneficial to this year's bloom, this streak has been interrupted by forecasted storms in the Northern part of the state, gradually moving southward. A grower in Fresno Country remarked on the improved bloom conditions and enhanced bee activity compared to last year, but expressed concerns regarding disease pressure with the expected increase in rainfall and warm weather. This sentiment is shared among many growers, prompting proactive measures such as disease treatments through ground and aerial applications ahead of the impending storms.

Capitalising on the optimal weather, growers have continued efforts to clear and remove downed trees from their orchards, along with ongoing mowing activities. Leaf push has been observed across various varieties including Nonpareil, Independence, Carmel, Aldrich, and Monterey. Some growers have already commenced fertiliser applications, while applications, while others are preparing for upcoming applications.

via Blue Diamond Growers