Almond Shipments - The challenges ahead

Date: 12th February 2021 Category: Latest News
Almond Shipments - The challenges ahead

The shipping industry for Almonds is facing one of the greatest challenges in years. "Your container has been rolled as the vessel is skipping the port" is the most hated term every day. Due to a shortage of containers, supplies, and vessels, countless loads are rolled every week.

It is very difficult for buyers and shippers to export material for the shipping industry. The almonds are packed and ready to go, but there is no ship to carry them! As loads are constantly being rolled, this is causing length lead times. It appears these shipping problems will continue through April.

The January Almond Position Report has been issued by the Almond Board of California with shipments of +194.2 million pounds compared to 220.4 million pounds in 2020 for a -11.9 percent shift.

Crop receipts are now at +3,025 billion pounds, an increase of +20.57 percent, compared to 2.509 billion pounds last year. The crop is now forecast to hit 3.1 billion pounds, 100 million pounds higher than the target crop estimate of 3.0 billion pounds announced in July 2020.


  • -Los Angeles/Long Beach Port- 32 container ships are currently anchored outside the port complex. With a few at or above their 90 percent -116 percent potential, terminal congestion is at critical levels. Ships wait nearly 7 days on average.
  • Oakland- There are currently 9 container vessels anchored outside the port complex.

Here is a link from the Wall Street Journal titled: "Shipping Companies look at Sailing Away from Choked Southern California Gateway"

Here is a link "Shipping carries rejected US agricultural exports, sent empty containers to China (

The Road Ahead:

With all the loads that were rolled from January to February, one would say February should be a fantastic shipping month, but the number of rolled loads seems to be continuing. It is not known to estimate what shipments will be next month at this time.