Almonds - July shipment report

Date: 13th August 2015 Category: Latest News, Market Report
Almonds - July shipment report

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The Almond Board of California has released the July Almond Position Report with shipments of + 122.5 million pounds compared to  +132.5  millalmond2ion pounds last year for a decrease of   7.5% percent.

The shipments were expected to be lower in July.

YEAR TO DATE SHIPMENTS:   1.812 billion pounds compared to  1.937 pounds last year for a decrease of  6.4 percent.

CROP: RECEIPTS:  1.867 billion pounds versus 2.009 billion lbs for a decrease of 7%.

CURRENCY:  The 1 Euro is at  $ 1.10 .

HARVEST: The harvest is underway on the nonpareil crop in the south, central, and northern areas of the state.  Initial observations are the nonpareil crop is much lighter than last year in the South and Central parts of the valley.  Sizes are smaller, lacking weight, very dry kernels,.

PRICES: Over the past 4 weeks prices seen a small decline and now have started rebounding based on the lighter than expected new crop.