Almonds Monthly Shipment report...

Date: 13th May 2015 Category: Latest News, Market Report
Almonds Monthly Shipment report...

Almond Market Summary May 12, 2015

We are pleased to provide the below almond market summary in response to the April shipping figures released by the Almond Board today. Our sales team is available to answer any questions, sales inquiries, or offer more detailed market analysis.   almond1

The Almond Board released its April 2015 Industry Position Report today, shipments for the month were 151.090 mil lbs versus 137.724 mil lbs in April 2014. Uncommitted inventory is 393 mil lbs versus 434 mil. US shipments had a solid month shipping 58.7 mil vs. 50.87, Exports were 92.35 mil vs. 86.85 mil. India (9.78 mil vs. 5.9 mil), Western Europe (39.76 mil vs. 35.50 mil), and China/HK (6.081 vs. 3.369) all helped with the increase in export shipments.

It has been a busy two weeks since CASS released the Subjective Almond Crop Estimate on May 5 and today's shipping figures. Although the estimate of 1.85 bil. lbs was largely viewed as neutral by both sellers and buyers, we have seen continued price increases in both old and new crop offers. This was largely due to strong demand from Europe, fueled by a more favorable exchange rate, especially for STDs and sized Cals, which are proving difficult to source. Current STDs were reportedly traded yesterday at 4.51 FAS, with only a small increase in price for sized Cals and Carmels.
Chris Wilding
Reports vary slightly depending on location/water availability, but the general consensus on new crop is NP inconsistent, while most pollinators look above average. With almost no current crop NP Inshell left in inventory, Indian buyers have shown strong interest in new crop. Recent sales for September shipment have reported as high as 3.61 FAS 70% SS ($5.157 Kernel price). There has been a slight discount for new crop Cals/STD with very few offers, new crop NP kernels have been at the same level as current crop. New crop STD demand has been around 4.40-4.45, with sellers asking a few cents higher.

We expect this firming trend to continue for the near future.

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