Apricot bloom frosts...

Date: 8th April 2015 Category: Latest News
Apricot bloom frosts...

There was a hard frost Sunday  morning with temperatures between –1 and –4 C for 5 hours.  60% of trees are in bloom, and 20% had just finished with 20% not yet open.

Apricot prices have increased by about 30% this morning, though there are no sellers (beyond the odd individual sack).apricots1

Current crop is in any event almost sold out.

We (and the rest of the market) are withdrawn for the next few days to assess the damage.


Apricot Market update: As we are stepping into the process of a new Crop it seems all exporters had a really tough 2014 season with great losses.

Current market: No Trade taking place due to the frost, expectation of prices to stay firm going forward depending on the Damage to the new crop.

New Crop:Frost which took place on the 5th at certain regions in  valleys surrounded by mountains where cold weather in the minus ranges  trapped the air from circulating and causing freeze. We will need some warm weather to visit and figure out the damage. Also concerns from Growers of heavy long rain periods in Malatya has stopped some flowers to pollinate which is not turning into fruit. Below are pictures of frost regions,as you can see most of the fruit on trees in valley are frozen.Weather forcasts predict in the minus ranges on Saturday the 11th for different regions.Taking into consideration of the Damage on new crop,and the heavy crop damage in Uzbekistan,Tajicistan and Kygyzstan prices look to stay firm.

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