Malatya Apricots Bloom Update 29.02.24

Date: 29th February 2024 Category: Latest News
Malatya Apricots Bloom Update 29.02.24

In Malatya's Pütürge district, some of the Apricot Trees are already starting to bloom. The unexpected emergence of apricot blossoms, spurred by unseasonably warm weather has prompted the hottest February in recent years for the region and has caused some concern among farmers.

The early onset of blooming may seem like a positive sign for the rest of the season but while it may initially appear as a sign of an abundant season, experienced farmers and observers are wary of potential consequences. The premature blossoming poses a precarious situation, as any subsequent drop in temperature could trigger disastrous consequences. If the temperature plummets after the blooming phase has started, the apricot crop has a high chance of getting frost damage in this vulnerable stage. A drop in temperature will not only disrupt the natural fruiting process but it also poses a great risk of crop death in prolonged cold weather.

Meticulous monitoring of the weather patterns in the Pütürge district has become extremely important. Farmers are taking a careful approach up until March and April time when the risk of frost will have passed.

via Malatya Derinhaber