Apricots Market Update, 22.07.2022

Date: 22nd July 2022 Category: Latest News
Apricots Market Update, 22.07.2022

After the Religious holiday break in Turkiye all offices are opened this week. We would like to summarize all about what kind of developments we have on the market. 


Currently, the harvest and drying facilities for 2022 crop apricots are carrying out by the growers. Approximately 80% of the crop is in the process, and only the rest of 20% is in the market to sell. We can tell you that app.10 MT of dried apricot raw material is arriving on the market on a daily basis. 

The growers and traders are still insisting on the current market prices. We believe between 1 week -10 days, the new crop availability in the market will be increased. When we consider recent developments for the raw material harvest and process period, we think that towards the beginning of August, dried apricot supply by the growers will increase in the market. Then according to the demand trend, the real price will occur in the market. After all of our experiences, we believe the price will set up depending to the demand quantity. 

The suppliers will start to ship higher quality new crop dried apricots in August. We observe excellent quality on the new crop fruits however, bigger sizes are shorter quantity respect to the last season's harvest. It means the price gap will be larger between bigger -medium sizes. 

As you know well, our aim is always to strive to give you purchasing advice at the correct time. But unfortunately, in this season, there are more uncertain points such as timing of demand, exchange rates against Turkish liras and growers'/traders' attitudes, etc.

Between 1st August- 16th July, a total of 79.896,411 MT of dried apricots were exported from Turkey. 

Besides, when we check shipments from Turkey between 1st August –16th July on this year respect to year ago due date, we observe the gap is getting larger as 6.393 MT less of dried apricots been exported. Last year same period totally 86.289 MT apricots had been shipped from Turkey. 

 Between 10.7.2022 -16.7.2022 Turkey exported only 64,43 MT (due to religious holiday ) of dried apricots on a weekly basis. 

 On shipments US is ranked first place (10.919 MT.) for dried apricots imported from Turkey, the second one is France (6.823 MT), the third one is Germany (5.958 MT).