Bean Market Update!

Date: 18th May 2021 Category: Latest News
Bean Market Update!

Red Kidney Beans

The market for red kidney beans has continued to rise, with all Canadian product now sold out. The industry's most pressing question is whether growers can plant enough to satisfy rising demand. The situation remains worrying, as many farmers choose to plant Corn and Soya in order to benefit from higher returns. If farmers are late planting corn and soya, we can see a turn toward DRK, but only time can tell. Expect prices to remain stable.

Lima Beans

In the United States Limas have all been sold, and with Polish growers still demanding higher prices, expect little relief in the coming months. Peruvian materials appear to be a successful investment.

Soya Beans

Nothing has changed since previous time; Due to reduced production, recent harvest delays in South America, and overall increasing global demand, the market is robust - continue to urge cover.

Black Turtle Beans

There has been no change since last time; prices have remained stable. Most suppliers have already sold their positions because they have extremely limited amounts to offer. Expect the market to remain firm.