Berries: Canadian Crop Report

Date: 26th May 2022 Category: Latest News
Berries: Canadian Crop Report

Wild Blueberries

Winter did not cause damage, and the wild blueberry fields are filled with flower buds.

Flowering is set to occur around the week of June 5. 

Bees present a challenge as winter and the Varroa parasites brought on a much higher death rate than what growers usually face after winter. Thankfully, we have other pollinators on hand to offset this loss; as a result, the impact will hopefully be lessened.


Spring was off to a slow start this year. However, the weather is perfect, and plants have started growing more actively since May. 

The current state and quantity of buds in the fields should result in a good harvest come this October.

The coming weeks will be critical, as plants are at their most fragile state; we hope not to get any drastic temperature changes or severe frosts.

Haskap berries

Haskap berries have flowered, and pollination is ongoing. 

Everything is going well, and harvesting usually occurs towards the end of June.