Brief Sesame Seed Market Update – February 2022

Date: 4th February 2022 Category: Latest News
Brief Sesame Seed Market Update – February 2022


2021 Nigerian Crop was estimated to be around 180,000 tons, with 100,000 tons now having been sold. China have been a large-scale player in Sesame pricing, as bulk purchasing by Chinese importers has driven pricing up.


Due to various political issues, Sudan is struggling to export their stocks. It is estimated that around 40,000 tons of stocks are sat, with no movement not being able to be sent or sold out of country. This in many buyers’ views is a shame as the quality of Sudan’s crop is said to be much better than others of current harvest.


Current crop yield form India was very poor, this has resulted in low stocks around the country. New crop yield is estimated to be healthy at around 150,000 tons. This is expected to start being harvested on schedule in around June, and into exported in July time.