California Prune Market Report - June 2023

Date: 14th June 2023 Category: Latest News
California Prune Market Report - June 2023


The California prune market is expected to remain tight in the 2023 crop year, with an estimated 75,000 short tons (68,000 MT) in volume. This is due to a combination of factors, including favorable weather during the bloom season, good fruit set, and a return to typical crop years in South America and France.


California is the world's largest producer of prunes, with an estimated 90% of the global market share. The 2023 crop year is expected to be a good one, with production up slightly from last year. However, supplies are still expected to be tight, due to the factors mentioned above.


Demand for California prunes is strong, both domestically and internationally. In the United States, prunes are a popular snack food and are also used in a variety of recipes. In Europe, prunes are often used in desserts and pastries.


Pricing for California prunes is expected to remain high in the 2023 crop year. This is due to the tight supply and strong demand. However, the cost of business is also on the rise, which could put pressure on prices in the future.


The California prune market is expected to remain strong in the long term. Prunes are a healthy and convenient snack food, and demand is expected to continue to grow. The California Prune Board is committed to promoting the health benefits of prunes and to ensuring that the industry remains sustainable.