Date: 10th December 2020 Category: Latest News

NOVEMBER SHIPMENTS:  The 2020 November Walnut shipments versus November 2019 shipments on an inshell equivalent were at +114,497 tons in 2020 compared to last year’s 100,086 tons  for an increase +12.5% !!

CROP SEASON SHIPMENTS: For the 2020 crop year, shipments are up +10.8% at +249,320 tons compared to 222,502tons in 2019.

CROP: Receipts recorded as of November 30 are +758,599 tons.  The Crop estimate is at 780,000 tons.   Thus the estimate appears to have been very accurate.

DOMESTIC/ USA:  November 2020 shipments versus 2019 shipments on an inshell equivalent were up +4.7%

EXPORT: November 2020 shipments versus 2019 shipments on an inshell equivalent were up +15.2%

KEY MARKET SHIPMENTS:  November 2020 versus November 2019

EUROPE KERNELS:  11.63 million pounds versus 14.9 million lbs. for an decrease of -21.93%

MIDDLE EAST Inshell:  +63.99 million lbs. versus 47.97 million for an increase of +33.38%

TURKEY INSHELL:  +38.94 million lbs. versus 31.55 million lbs. for an increase of 23.43%

UAE INSHELL:  12.1 million lbs. versus 12.39 Million lbs. for an decrease of -2.34%

INDIA INSHELL:  +13.88 million lbs versus 2.95 million lbs for an increase of +251,8%!!!!

 The above shows some very impressive figures, especially considering the many challenges within the shipping industry across the past few months. The months have seen difficulties in finding container space and vessels with most packers being booking for until the second half of January.

 Chandler material is almost completely sold, and many packers have led to withdrawing themselves from the market in hopes to assess their position with regards to remaining inventories. We have seen a record crop in Californian and in turn record sales. Prices have increased 8 to 10 cents per pounds on inshell and kernels since the beginning of November. Despite this increase, in comparison to other year, walnuts remain reasonably cheap which has inspired a strong demand.  However the strong demand and most packers being well sold now, will contribute to a continued firming strength in pricing on walnuts during the coming months.