Californian Almond, December 2022 Report

Date: 13th January 2023 Category: Latest News
Californian Almond, December 2022 Report

The Almond Board of California has released the Almond Position Report with December 2022 shipments of +206.3 million pounds compared to 188.8 million pounds last year for a positive +9.3 percent.


DOMESTIC 52.47 -18.4% -8.72%

EXPORT 153.88 +23.6% +1.15%



INDIA 33.2 24.2 +9 

KOREA 4.7 6.1 -1.4

SPAIN 18.7 15.4 +3.3

GERMANY 7.9 7.7 +0.2

NETHERLANDS 11.6 8.2 +3.4

U.A.E. 11.9 5.4 +6.5

YEAR-TO-DATE SHIPMENTS: Year-to-date shipments are now at +1.041 billion pounds compared to 1.061 billion pounds last year for a decrease of -1.87 percent.

CROP RECEIPTS: Now are at +2.376 billion pounds compared to 2.656 billion pounds last year for a decrease of -10.56 percent. The Objective Estimate had the crop at 2.6 billion pounds, and US is tracking toward that number.

MARKET: Shipments to the International markets were outstanding, increasing +23.6 percent over last year, while the Domestic shipments were laggards, down 18.4 percent. Exports are now positive by +1.15% for the season to date, while Domestic shipments are down -8.72%. Western Europe was up +10.5 million lbs, the Middle East was up +11.4 million pounds, and South Central Asia was up +11.1 million pounds. Almond prices weakened slightly on Stds and Cal/Carmel, while large-sized Nonpareil and Independence Kernels slide more during the past month. With these lower prices, the suppliers have seen a recent surge in sales during the past month. Buyers were booking for both Q1 and Q2 requirements. Strong demand for kernels in Europe, the Middle East, and USA and strong inshell demand in China and India. Buyers are locking in value now, and the retail stores are beginning to adjust pricing downwards to reflect the actual market dynamics which appears to be stimulating consumption, combined with a weaker dollar in Europe. December new sales were at 234 million pounds compared to last year’s sales at 246 million pounds. The Industry is now sold at +52 percent for the carry-in and new crop combined. 



RAIN: California is getting rain! The suppliers complain when they don’t have rain, and now they are complaining they are getting too much at one time! The State has received ample rains during the past few weeks, pushing seasonal rain totals ( Sacramento) up to 15.41 inches compared to normal 7.25 inches, so they are double for this time of the year. Two largest reservoirs are now filled as follows: Shasta at 42.3% and Oroville at 44.9% filled. Both reservoirs are making progress. The Ground is very wet and flooding is occurring in many areas. Almond trees will drown if they are below water for more than three days, so it is a big concern. Here is a photo from an Orchard near Sacramento. Many orchards throughout the state are in standing water.

SNOWPACKOUTSTANDING!!! The State of California reported on January 3, 2023, that the Snow Pack is outstanding for this time period:

  • North State at 177% of Normal Snow Pack

  • Central State at 214% of Normal Snow Pack

  • South State at 257% of Normal Snow Pack

Since that report came out, more snow storms have hit the Sierra Nevada mountains with another 5-7 feet of snow accumulating, so real snow pack should be another 10-20% higher than the above numbers.. One Ski area in Tahoe has over 23 feet ( 7 meters) of snow! This is good for State, for people, fishing, and Agriculture, as they should have adequate water for growing almonds this coming year.


TREES: The trees look good. The suppliers have had excellent chill hours combined with the healthy rains, so they have deep water penetration in the roots as the Bloom draws near in late February. The Bud Set on the trees looks fantastic and should shape up to be a very good crop as long as the bloom is normal and without a severe frost, and some of these flood orchards see a reprieve from the excessive water standing in them.

OUTLOOK: Prices will remain stable, with a slight firmness with this positive shipping number, in the near term assisting in stimulating more consumption around the world!