Californian Almond Shipment Report January 2022

Date: 14th February 2022 Category: Latest News
Californian Almond Shipment Report January 2022

The January 2022 Almond shipment figure was 177.2 million pounds. In comparison to January 2021’s figure, this is a decrease of around 9%. The USA domestic market was up by 13% (66.57 million pounds) and export down by 19% (110.64 million pounds) over last year’s figures. Shipping constraints are still the main cause for export figures still being very low. YTD shipments are 1.238 billion pounds compared to 1.478 billion pounds last year. This shows a decrease of 16.7% on Almonds Exports from the USA.

Key region shipment statistics:

  • Western Europe down 26%
  • Eastern Europe 32%
  • Middle East down 19%
  • Asia/Pacific region down 19%

Crop receipts are now at 2.827 billion pounds compared to last years figure of 3.025 billion pounds, this is a decrease of 6.53%. The objective estimate had the crop at 2.8 billion pounds which we have surpassed this year already, with estimates now being around 2.9 billion pounds when all crop has been received. New sales in January were at 207,643,049 pounds compared to 205,899,356 pounds last year. The industry now has 75.1% of new crop committed, and 61.6% for new crop + carry in. Some packers have already old out or committed inshell Almonds.

California only received a very small amount of rain in October and early December, with no rains for the last 6 weeks. This has led to a crop bloom a week earlier than last year. Some analysts are skeptical that this small amount of rain fall may take a drastic toll on the yield of 2022 crop - however this will become clearer at a later date.