Cashew Market Report 22.04.24

Date: 22nd April 2024 Category: Latest News
Cashew Market Report 22.04.24

The market in cashews is again much firmer this week. SOUPARNIKA has seen some very good demand from Japan and Europe and shipments for June through November are also being bid on. Indications for regular raw seed are hard to find, and our supplier is struggling to get any firm offers.

During the past two days, there has been some trading on the Kollam local kernel market with W320 traded and bid over, but volumes are very limited. This week has seen increased demand from the Delhi market, with even lower-grade goods being sold. SOUPARNIKA is awaiting the arrival of seed early in the coming week and will start to offer next week once the new arrivals have started to be processed.

There has been very good demand for raw seed on spot and virtually all the seed available in Tuticorin, Kollam and Cochin has been cleared- even the very poor quality goods have been sold. We have been struggling to get offers on raw seed during the week and we feel that we'll have to wait to see offers from Senegal, Gambia and Guinea Bissau (hopefully in early May), although we may see some speculative offers next week.

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