Cashew Market Report, 26.06.2023

Date: 26th June 2023 Category: Latest News
Cashew Market Report, 26.06.2023

Global Production

Global cashew production has risen steadily over the past decade, peaking in 2022/23 at 1,095,030 MT (kernel basis) or 5 million tons of raw cashew nuts (RCN).

  • Côte d'Ivoire remained the world's and western Africa's largest producing country, with a crop of 247,000/1.2 million MT (kernel basis /RCN).

  • India produced 162,000/675,000 MT, followed by Cambodia with 138,000/670,000 MT, respectively.

  • Tanzania is the top producer in Eastern Africa, with a crop of 44,000/200,000 MT.



  • Vietnam was the leading exporter of cashew kernels in 2021 (January – December), accounting for 65% of global exports.

  • The USA, the EU and the UK, and China were its top markets, accounting for 36%, 30% and 6% of the country's exports, respectively.

  • India's main markets were ASIA (59% led by the UAE, Japan and Saudia Arabia) and the EU and the UK (34%).





  • Of the 1.4 million metric tons of raw cashew nuts (in-shell) that were shipped in 2021, India imported 879,670 MT, the majority of which came from Western Africa (82%) and Eastern Africa (9%).

  • Vietnam imported 346,644 MT, with Western and eastern Africa accounting for 48% and 30% of the share, respectively.




The global cashew market is growing steadily, and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. The top producers of cashew nuts are Côte d'Ivoire, India, and Cambodia. The top exporters of cashew kernels are Vietnam and India. The top importers of raw cashew nuts are India and Vietnam.